15 May 2015


It's 2015 already and the last time I blogged was during the Eid in 2013. wow, it's been a long time.

There were so many things happened in 2013, 2014 and early of this year. I don't know how, where, and what should I start with but I will (probably) be writing again. I really hope that I can keep this spirit of mine to write and blog like I used to back then.

I am honestly think that writing helps me a lot especially in terms of enhancing my writing skills as well as my general knowledge too. I found that when I stopped writing (I did write for my academic assignments but for general knowledge thingy is what I'm focusing here) few years ago, and of course with no more blog-walking activity made me become so dumb and ignorant. Pardon my language but I really think that way.

Besides, through blogging I actually learned many things and became creative too. For example, I figured how to make my own blog title background as you can see up here. And this empowered me for I never knew that I could be creative too. Because seriously, I always think that I am suck at arts. Lels.

Anyhow, let's pray that I can keep on writing so that I can share with all of you about many things for I'm currently looking forward to making this blog as a review blog. Wuhuu.

That's all for now and remember, love yourself. :)

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