8 Aug 2013

Eid Mubarak 1434H

1 Syawal 1434

Struggling alone in the library, trying my best to complete my assigments which are due today and tomorrow.
No baju raya, no takbir raya and no solat sunat raya.
And also no kuih raya too.

This year's eid celebration is dull.
Too dull.
The dullest raya celebration ever in my life.

Empty feeling.
Is it really empty?
If it really is, why does my soul is crying in the inside?

I miss home.
I miss Umi and Abah.
I miss my siblings.
I miss my relatives.

It has been 3 years.
Celebrating raya far far away from them.
May Allah give me His strength.

I am tired.
Exhausted would be the correct word.

And for the first time, I do not feel the excitement of celebrating raya.
Getting old? Legit reason but I don't know.
I wanna be a little kid, having fun and with no worries.
I wanna go back for sure.

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