24 Jun 2011

Contest Photo Couple ' We Are Not Perfect'

terbaca contest ni dalam satu belog yang cute ni. 
blog Cik Hazirah and I found it very interesting. ^^
sape sape yang terasa nak join, you all boleh la ke blog dia okeh?
*tekan kat nama Cik Hazirah kat atas ye. ^^*

ini banner contest. ^^

and kat bawah ni syarat syarat yang you all MESTI buat untuk layak join contest ni okeh. ^^

syarat yang pertama, DONE.

syarat yang kedua, i'm doing it right now. ngeh3.

syarat yang ketiga, gambar? 
kejap nak cari. tak banyak sangat gambar dengan Encik Tunang ni. 
oh, dah jumpa. 

here you go. my fave picture. ^^

so, syarat ketiga is ticked. ^^

next condition is a short story on how did we meet. :)
just sharing with all of you. kinda long, SORRY! -_-'

basically, both of us jumpa macam orang orang lain jugak.
Encik Tunang found me on Facebook even though kami were actually studying in the same college. -_-
and tu pon sebab dia godek godek gambar my friend. 
and terjumpa my picture, then teros add and tegor kat FB chat.
mula mula I was not that layan sangat sebab he was asking me about my result in IELTS and my SPM result because I got JPA's scholarship. He insisted to know and of course la kan I will feel like ' Hello, boleh tak jangan sebok sebok tanya? serious benda yang paling aku tak suka ialah bila orang sebok sebok nak tahu result ' Duhh.

at that time, he introduced himself as one of the AJK of High Flyers Club.
*High Flyers Club ni kelab for semua budak budak yang sponsored by JPA, Petronas, MARA and etc*
at first, when he came and wanna know me I was like ' oke. ni mesti nak kenal dengan my friend la ni'
sebabnya setiap kali dia tanya, dia mesti akan kaitkan dengan my friend tu.

unfortunately, I was WRONG. 
my friend tu lah yang let me know that he is not the AJK but instead he is the PRESIDENT of the club! and he is sponsored by PETRONAS untuk buat A Level.
 seriously, at that time I was like ' WHAT?!'
and my friend itu jugalah yang let me know the fact that he is into ME, not her.
and he used my friend's issue just to get a little bit closer to me.

however, I turned him down when he made the confession.
I was not that into him at that time, 
and I was seeing another person too at the moment. LOL

tapi kan, he has this one thing that impressed me a lot.


even though I turned him down, however, he was willing to wait for me.
for like 4 months if I am not mistaken. 

he actually wanna give me up.  
and yes. he tried to.
there is one another story that only few friends know selain kami.
a day before he wanna totally give me up, we did meet.
he said,


and I agreed to meet him sebab serious rasa bersalah sangat tolak dia.
we went to watch a movie, Semerah Cinta Stilleto, which is our first movie ever.
and at that time, seriously I made a fool of myself.
in order to make him feel no regrets of giving me up, I behaved like a girl who has no manners at all.
sebenarnya bukan girl yang takda manner pon, just a girl yang tak control cun langsung bila tengok wayang, makan popcorn bukan main banyak and kutuk kutuk movie. HAHA

but, guess what?
At the end he didn't give me up. 
he found that my attitude at that time was very cute. -_-
so, he decided to wait for me.
and kami berkawan until I actually accept him and bring him into my life on 5th May 2010. ^^

and seriously, we have a lot of differences.
He is into politics while I am totally not. 
I love milk but he is definitely hating it.
and yes. 
sometimes our differences made us argue a lot.
but, eventually


itulah kisah macam mana kami bertemu and end up together.

p/s: now we are in long distance relationship, because I'm studying in Australia right now.
tapi, itu bukanlah satu halangan untuk kami berdua stay deeply in love until now. Semoga Allah merestui dan mempermudahkan urusan kami untuk ke jinjang pelamin nanti. InsyaAllah. :)

so, the forth condition is ticked.

the fifth one is pastekan link entry ini di komen post.
 and that one is also ticked. ^^

hoyeah hoyeah. dah siap. 

ok, bye! ^^


gadis comot said...

eii comelnya..suka2.. :)

:.ciklaila.: said...

hehe. thanks! :)

eushahida farizza said...

wah ur friend to mmg buleh dapat belanja momo lah! :p
all the best sweetheart...all the best all the way. untill jannah :)

:.ciklaila.: said...

ops Euuuuu. haha. thanks anyway. :))

encikAPPLE said...

sweet :)

MakweGerrard said...

sgt sweet..=)

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