15 May 2015


It's 2015 already and the last time I blogged was during the Eid in 2013. wow, it's been a long time.

There were so many things happened in 2013, 2014 and early of this year. I don't know how, where, and what should I start with but I will (probably) be writing again. I really hope that I can keep this spirit of mine to write and blog like I used to back then.

I am honestly think that writing helps me a lot especially in terms of enhancing my writing skills as well as my general knowledge too. I found that when I stopped writing (I did write for my academic assignments but for general knowledge thingy is what I'm focusing here) few years ago, and of course with no more blog-walking activity made me become so dumb and ignorant. Pardon my language but I really think that way.

Besides, through blogging I actually learned many things and became creative too. For example, I figured how to make my own blog title background as you can see up here. And this empowered me for I never knew that I could be creative too. Because seriously, I always think that I am suck at arts. Lels.

Anyhow, let's pray that I can keep on writing so that I can share with all of you about many things for I'm currently looking forward to making this blog as a review blog. Wuhuu.

That's all for now and remember, love yourself. :)

8 Aug 2013

Eid Mubarak 1434H

1 Syawal 1434

Struggling alone in the library, trying my best to complete my assigments which are due today and tomorrow.
No baju raya, no takbir raya and no solat sunat raya.
And also no kuih raya too.

This year's eid celebration is dull.
Too dull.
The dullest raya celebration ever in my life.

Empty feeling.
Is it really empty?
If it really is, why does my soul is crying in the inside?

I miss home.
I miss Umi and Abah.
I miss my siblings.
I miss my relatives.

It has been 3 years.
Celebrating raya far far away from them.
May Allah give me His strength.

I am tired.
Exhausted would be the correct word.

And for the first time, I do not feel the excitement of celebrating raya.
Getting old? Legit reason but I don't know.
I wanna be a little kid, having fun and with no worries.
I wanna go back for sure.

31 Jul 2013

Tarbiyah Itu Awesome

Sesungguhnya setiap ujian yang mendatang itu adalah tarbiyah dari Allah and I should be grateful that He still cares. Terima kasih ya Allah kerana masih sayang kepadaku. Kesakitan ini hanya sementara, in shaa Allah aku yakin aku mampu melawannya dan tidak akan menggunakan alasan sakit ini untuk tidak menghadiri kelas-kelasku. 

Someone used to remind me of something that I should always keep in my mind.

' Semua orang want to be in your position, but not everyone yang dapat such opportunity. So, jangan main-main bila belajar sebab kita dah dapat part orang lain yang struggle untuk dapatkan that position. '

Yes, I'm deeply struck by her words. I feel guilty because I don't think I have put enough efforts in my studying. Allah. :'(

Semoga Allah memberikan aku kekuatan untuk istiqamah dalam belajar dan menjauhkan diri ini daripada kemalasan. Tipulah jika aku kata aku tak pernah timbul rasa malas untuk belajar, I did have such feeling and got carried away for many times. Tapi, siapa dan apa yang membuatkan aku sentiasa kembali? Allah dan ujian-ujianNya. Sungguh aku sayang kepada Allah. Dia tak pernah jemu memanggil aku untuk kembali kepada Nya meskipun banyak nikmatNya yang telah aku dustakan selama ini. :'(

Maka, ingatlah bahawa ujian Allah itu adalah tarbiyah dari Nya. Dan tarbiyah itu awesome. Ucapkanlah Alhamdulillah apabila diuji kerana sesungguhnya itu adalah tanda yang Allah masih sayang dan masih peduli akan diri kita. Takutlah apabila Allah sudah lagi tidak peduli. Nauzubillahuminzalik. 

Ingatan untuk diri sendiri. 

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